Holiday Blur
Geez, these holidays all seem to just blur together!
Booger Bandit
A beautiful solution for a disgusting problem.
Proud Snowflake
REMINDER: Referring to someone as a snowflake is nothing but a compliment.
Moment - Screen Time Tracker
Eight illustrations for the Moment - Screen Time Tracker app.
The Heart of Marginal Size
A sad little heart who just wants to share her love.
Happy Hoth-idays!
There's not much to do on Hoth at Christmas time, so the AT-AT and AT-STs just play in the snow.
The Naughty List
In this Christmas comic for 2016, Santa has had enough!
Make the Empire Great Again
Vader has a great idea for building something great.
Halloween Costumes
Everyone wants to be something other than themselves.
Monkey Desert Island
Armando finally found the treasure he has long sought, but his cousin Viktor has vowed to claim it as his own.
And Then...
Flynn on a Leaf
Flynn is not your average house fly, and she's determined to prove herself.
Urban Plaid
A view of the city from an unusual perspective.
Space Monkeys Go Bananas!
Where do monkeys get bananas when bananas go extinct? The Moon, of course! People think the Moon is made of cheese...nope!
Holiday Skating
A holiday card I created for my friends and family this year.
Happy Holidays!
Snowman snowball fight!
Multicultural Gay Relationships
A research group from CUNY hired me to create these illustrations for a study focusing on multicultural gay relationships.
SHINE is a series which focuses on high contrast line work. The goal is to create unique and interesting designs.
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