There Goes the Neighborhood
Once the tourists show up, its all over.
Totally True Facts: Part 3
Yet again, another straight-up fact.
Totally True Facts: Part 2
An actual fact!
Totally True Facts (Not Really)
I's a fact, people. A FACT!
Four simple rules to live by during the COVID-19 outbreak.
COVID Halloween Masks
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Snowman Snowball Fight
Oh Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas to all!
Monkey Wedding
Every monkey deserves the right to marry!
Moment - Screen Time Tracker
Eight illustrations for the Moment - Screen Time Tracker app.
Climate Control?
Jessie hated being outdoors. The elements, it seemed, were out to get her.
Happy Hoth-idays!
Just another snow day on Hoth.
Adults Ruin Everything
All they wanted to do was trick or treat in peace.
Booger Bandit
A beautiful solution for a disgusting problem.
Holiday Blur
Geez, these holidays all seem to just blur together!
Armando the Adventurer
Viktor vowed to claim Armando's treasure for his own!
Shakespearean Monkeys
"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest..."
Wonderland Monkeys
The Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse.
Monarch Monkeys
Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots
Greek Mythological Monkeys
Monkeys of the ancient Greek pantheon.
The Brothers Grimm
The Brothers Grimm collected the world's greatest tales.
Multicultural Gay Relationships
Created for a study focusing on multicultural gay relationships.
Monkeys of Antiquity
Antony tricks Cleopatra, but she gets the better of him.
Collection of logo doodles.
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