monkeys dressed as Antoni and Cleopatra on fishing boat
An ancient Egyptian anecdote recalls the day when Antony took Cleopatra fishing.
Having no real angling ability, Antony struggled to catch even one fish. Discontented, and without Cleopatra's knowledge, he instructed his servants to swim underwater and tie fish that had already been caught, to the end of his line. Feigning pride, Antony pulled fish after fish from the Nile.
Cleopatra saw through Antony's deception. With a devious look in her eye, she lavished him with praise and invited others to join them the next day to observe Antony's newfound skill. The following morning she instructed her servants to swim underwater and tie an obviously dead fish from foreign waters to the end of Antony's line.
Antony flung his line out, waited a moment, then pulled back what he believed should have been a fresh fish hooked to the end. Instead, the gray, limp fish, bereft of life, flew through the air. As she laughed with her guests, Cleopatra teased Antony, "Leave the fishing, General, to us poor Egyptians. Your prey is cities, kingdoms, and continents."
detail of Antony catching fish in Nile river

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