monkeys dressed as Pan, Cerberus, and Medusa
Pan, the god of nature and pasturelands, created his eponymously-named flute after Syrinx, a wood-nymph, spurned his advances. With the help of her sisters, Syrinx was able to transform into river reeds to avoid Pan's attention. Pan, however, decided to cut the reeds down, joined them together, and built the first pan flute.
Cerberus is the "hound of Hades" who guards the gates of the dead. A fearsome creature with three heads and quite a large sum of teeth. Even the dead shiver in their graves at the sight of such terror.
Medusa, a Gorgon, is one of three sisters who have living snakes instead of hair. With a single stare, Medusa can turn any person into stone...which has given her rock garden a truly unique sensibility.

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