The Heart of Marginal Size
A short story of a sad little heart who just wants to share her love.
Happy Hoth-idays!
There's not much to do on Hoth at Christmas time, so the AT-AT and AT-STs just play in the snow.
The Naughty List
In this Christmas comic for 2016, Santa has had enough!
Make the Empire Great Again
"I would build a great weapon, and nobody builds weapons better than me. Believe me. And I'll build it very inexpensively. I'll build a great, great weapon on our southern border and I will have the Rebellion pay for that weapon. Mark my words." -Darth Vader
Halloween Costumes
The candy corn wants to be a jack-o-lantern, the pumpkin wants to be a skull, and the skull wants to be a candy corn drag queen!...because...why not?!
Monkey Desert Island
Arg, Matey! Delicious banana treasure is what these monkey pirates seek! Whether by finding it themselves or stealing someone else's...they'll get their bananas!
The Scariest Thing in the World
After the election of 2016, the Donald Trump presidency frightened the world. I imagine someday children will quiver in fear when told the stories of what came to be.
Fly on a Leaf
Just as the title indicates...this is in fact an illustration of a fly on a leaf. Ain't it pretty?!
Urban Plaid
Urban Plaid is a piece based on my fascination with cities and transportation. My goal was to play with unusual perspectives.
Space Monkeys Go Bananas!
Where do monkeys get bananas when bananas go extinct? The Moon, of course! People think the Moon is made of cheese...nope!
Holiday Skating
A holiday card I created for my friends and family this year.
Happy Holidays!
Snowman snowball fight!
Multicultural Gay Relationships
A research group from CUNY hired me to create these illustrations for a study focusing on multicultural gay relationships.
SHINE is a series which focuses on high contrast line work. The goal is to create unique and interesting designs.
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